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The Traveling Tavern

mobile bar setup

We are a fully insured and licensed-to-serve mobile bartending company located in San Diego, California.

We provide all the necessary equipment, guidance with planning, and professionally-trained staff to ensure a fun and classy event. Please note, we are licensed to serve alcohol, not provide it. 

Depending on your event and group size, we can supply any or all of the following:

  • Portable 6-foot bar

  • Jockey boxes for kegs

  • Wine openers, cocktail shakers, etc.

  • Napkins, cups, straws, and ice

  • Alternative beverage bars

  • Arrange custom event cocktails​

  • Mixer package, including assorted sodas, juices, and garnishes


Professional service & planning assistance

Full Liability Insurance (so you don't have to)

Create signature cocktails for your event

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